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You save time

Time management has become a challenge. Globalization, the competitiveness of markets and the accelerated pace of life that characterizes us today make clear the need to manage this resource as best as possible. If we told a housewife of the last century that we can do a week’s laundry in an hour, she would not believe it.

You control the results

Doing the laundry can be annoying for some, but for others it is very personal. They just do not want to leave their precious clothes in the hands of a stranger. Using self-service laundries in Barcelona you can do the laundry to your liking, just as if you were at home, but better

You save money

It is proven that by using self-service laundries you save money. Even if you have the appliances at home you save the expenses related to the consumption of energy and water.

It is more ecological

When you use this service, , you save money while being friendly with the environment. Machines of this type are more efficient than home-made machines in terms of energy consumption and reduce water consumption by more than 20%. Without a doubt, two benefits that future generations will appreciate.

It is effective

The garments are completely clean, the stains come out faster and the fabrics are preserved for a longer time thanks to the combination of the machines with the decalcified water.

It is versatile

You can use it to wash your clothes, gym clothes, sheets and quilts, winter feather garments and even your pet’s clothes.

It is hygienic

Washers and dryers are disinfected daily. This way they do not accumulate the bacteria that nest in most washing machines, even those in your home.